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Kiwanis in Tauberbischofsheim welcome ANAK DOMBA Bali e.V.

Tauberbischofsheim meets Bali
Heading for trans-regional commitment!

The Kiwanis Club Tauberbischofsheim became aware of ANAK DOMBA Bali e.V. through some members and wanted to get informed what is going on in our little association. Of course their invitation was asccepted and on 8 March 2016 a wonderful evening took place in Tauberbischofsheim to introduce the orphanage. Angela Bendix (1st chairwoman) and Brigitte Nienass (2nd chairwoman) had already packed their bags to travel to the beautiful Tauber valley.

Besides that, the Tauber valley is always worth a trip!

As always the presentation of the film was accompanied by explanatory words. The orphanage was introduces as well as the staff and the parents of the orphanage - Eny and Wayan. However, also this time the most important topic was the report on the plans of the house construction, on the building blocks which are to be sold to finance the orphanage...

Each building block helps our children to soon lead a life worth living.

Our warmest thanks to the members of Kiwanis who supported us generously in this evening.

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