How it all began


During her trip to Indonesia in November 2012 - Bali and Lombok - Angela Bendix became also aware of the dark sides of the islands.

When she was on a weekly market in the North of Bali she met an Indonesian couple by chance, who invited her straight to their home.

They told her about their plan to found an orphanage/children‘s home to give orphans, abandoned and disadvantaged children a loving and safe home and provide a proper education to enable the children to stand on their own feet later in their life.

This first encounter inspired and encouraged Angela Bendix to become active and support the establishment of this project.

It would be fantastic to find people who are willing to donate on a regular basis, which will enable us to calculate with reliable amounts. However, also each individual donation no matter of which amount will support the project and the children.

If you are interested to support our project, please check under Donations for further information.


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