Future for children

The Project

Our mission is to accomodate in an orphanage/children‘s home the children and young people who grow up without parents or families or under difficult conditions.

EDUCATION and UPBRINGUNG and  are the main focuses of our project.

In the meantime, since July 2013, the project has become a new home for 11 children, who are so far completely funded by donations. These donations cover the costs of living, clothes, books, school materials and school fees.

„Anyone who has ever been to Bali or any of the other Indonesian islands, has seen the grinding poverty in the villages. Children are given away or even sold, because they would otherwise starve to death.“
< Angela Bendix >

Our GOAL is ...

  • to protect the children from abuse and life on the streets due to poverty and destitution,
  • to create a secure and stable social environment by regular and continuous care and upbringing and give them the chance for an independent life through a profound school education. („Capacity building“)


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