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Lions Club Hameln meets ANAK DOMBA Bali e.V.

Indonesia in Hameln - Lions support  ANAK DOMBA Bali e.V.
Following an invitation of the Hameln Lions the orphanage project ANAK DOMBA Bali - Future for children e.V. was introduced on 11 February 2016 at 8 pm to an interested audience of Lions Club members at the Mercure Hotel in Hameln.

The club members had invited Angela Bendix (1st chairwoman) and Brigitte Nienass (2nd chairwoman) to learn the latest news of the orphanage in Bali.

There was indeed a lot to be reported. The main focus was the already completed land purchase (04/12/2015) and the intended new construction of a house which is urgently needed.

The house shall be financed by "selling building blocks". Interested sponsors are given the opportunity to symbolically purchase a builing block for the orphanage. The participants were quickly enthused, asked lots of interesting questiongs and uttered many new inspirations.

It was a very successful evening for both sides, which brought up lots of good ideas.

Our warmest thanks to the Hameln Lions Club for the warm welcome and the generous donations.

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