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Great success with the gospel choir Salt'n'Light from Hameln

Dream factory "LaLu" at the Hefehof was bursting at the seams
What an audience! What an atmosphere! What a gospel choir!

The charity concert Saturday night was a great success.

Salt`n`Light gets going

The Hameln gospel choir Salt'n'Light seemed to surpass themselves. It got hotter and hotter in the LaLu at Hefehof which was full to the bursting point. Quickly all seats and standing places were taken and many visitors had to make themselves comfortable in the entrance hall of the LaLu. But nobody seemed to mind this situation!

Whoever wanted to hear the concert, was able to do so!

We give everything...
by Christoph Huppert

Rüdiger Meyer, the choir master, presented, conducted and accompanied the concert with absolute confidence and quickly the audience was willing to cooperate. Nobody was able to stay seated, you simple had to get moving to this thrilling music and clapping along.

At the beginning Angela Bendix introduced the orphanage project to the audience in a 20 minute presentation. The presentation was accompanied by recordings from the orphanage on a big screen to give an impression of the children and the local conditions.
Angela Bendix presents the builing blocks
by Christoph Huppert[/image]

She especially pointed out the new Building Block Campaign. Harm Lübbe, a member of the association, produces these small building blocks as unique objects to sell them as symbols for the forthcoming house construction. Each of these small houses hat its individual number and hence is a unique item.

Then the evening continued with Salt'n'Light. Salt'n'Light were so strongly represented that they captured the complete room by their singing. The soloists convinced with their voices and their attitude and motivated the audience more and more.

Solo does not mean alone
by Christoph Huppert

Even the very look of the choir was a delight and the choreography a feast for the eyes. The audience was once more heated up by the encores. The atmosphere could not be topped.

Nobody can simply pass these charming ladies...

Patrick Tänzer collects for ANAK DOMBA Bali

Fortunately this reflected also on the willingness to donate and the desire to purchase houses! Our warmest thanks to the gospel choir Salt'n'Light from Hameln and of course Dr. Dietz, who made the LaLu once again available for us free of charge.

You pushed the orphanage a great deal ahead.

Now we are looking forward to the next great event!

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