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Primary school Christian Morgenstern in Tauberbischofsheim invites ANAK DOMBA Bali

Primary pupils in Tauberbischofsheim learn internationally
The trip to the Tauber valley should be worthwhile!

Lina Lohmeyer, daughter and granddaughter of association members motivated the teachers and pupils of her primary school in Tauberbischofsheim to learn more about ANAK DOMBA Bali.

After the presentation at Kiwanis in the evening, the next morning another presentation followed. The third and fourth grades of the primary school Christian Morgenstern and their teachers wanted to get to know our orphanage and the children - although from a distance.

With the latest high tech (of the school) Angela Bendix (1st chairwoman) and Brigitte Nienass (2nd chairwoman) represented the children, staff and "parents" of the orphanage in the auditorium of the school.

Videos and a little film especially stimulated excitement about the project and animated the pupils to ask a lot of questions. They were particularly intersted in the daily routine of the children, but also in our arrangements for the new house.

Unexpectedly, lots of qualified and interested questions were asked, which provoke further thought. The interest was enormous and it was a very enjoyable event for all participants.

Furthermore, the children had collected their pocket money to buy one of our symbolic building blocks. An amazing 183,65 € were collected for this purpose.

Our warmest thanks to all children of the primary school Christian Morgenstern!!! The time with you was incredibly enjoyable. The money for "Number 7" is well invested and surely can be found soon in one of the building blocks of our new house.

Perhaps we will manage to meet again.

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