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Proposed ice cream event at Diego in Baecker Street in Hameln on 18 June 2016 has been rescheduled to 25 June 2016
Dear fans and supporters of ANAK BOMBA Bali,
unfortunately we had to postpone the proposed ice cream action from Saturday 18 June 2016 to Saturday 25 June 2016. The wheather has upset our plans and since we are hoping for many customers we await your visit on 25 June 2016 from 10:30 am in Bäcker Street in Hameln. A special ice cream for the children of ANAK DOMBA Bali will be produced in the "ice cream manufactury and parlour Diego". The sales proceeds of Diego and his family will be donated.
Enjoy your ice cream on 25 June 2016! We will be present to answer all your questions and discuss our project with you. We are looking forward for a fruitful exchange.

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