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Sold out LaLu for the lecture: "Face reading" by Pea Krämer

Full house at the LaLu in the Traumfabrik at Hefehof for Pea Krämer and her lecture "Face reading - What body and face reveal" and the Hameln gospel choir Salt `n`Light
On 01.03.2017 at 7 pm the event at LaLu, Traumfabrik (Dream factory) at Hefehof started. Pea Krämer held an exciting lecture on the topic "Face reading" - What body and face reveal. As a special bonus the Hameln gospel choir Salt `n`Light proved its great sound volume and skill at the beginning of the event and heated up the atmosphere and mood of the audience. The concerns due to the low amount of sold advance tickets quickly vanished into thin air. Already at 18:30 every single seat was occupied and also the standing area. Salt `n`Light really took off! The audience was immediately carried away by the beautiful gospels and the choir contributed to a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

This was immediately picked up by Pea Krämer who impressed with an interesting presentation. Based on her many hints regarding features in faces and body postures the listeners secretly - or openly - examined each other and definitely one or another wondered about friends, family, colleagues,...

Which features can be observed, which gestures tell stories? What can I see in myself?

After the lecture was completed the audience was given the chance to ask questions which was done extensively. The interesting questions provoked further interesting discoveries.

The 1st Chairperson of Anak Domba Bali e.V. , Angela Bendix, used the little organisational breaks to thank the gospel choir Salt `n`Light, Mrs. and Mr Dr. Dietz and of course Pea Krämer for this charity campaign. Bendix informed about the forthcoming building project which requires "a few Euros" and was one of the reasons for this evening event. Further information and the report of radio aktiv can be heard here

It was a beautiful evening which made the participants curious of the next event by Anak Domba Bali e.V.

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