10/23/15 - News

Song for the friends of ANAK DOMBA Bali e.V.

Irfan's solo with background singers 
10/18/15 - News

Bargain hunting for children's home

Garage sale for ANAK DOMBA Bali e.V. at Brigitte and Bodo Ehrlich's in Hasperde, Germany  read more...
10/14/15 - News

Bram's Rap!

Bram before getting his hearing devices 
09/10/15 - News

Almost a miracle

Bram can hear! 
05/10/15 - News

Gold for the children of ANAK DOMBA Bali

Patients donate dental gold 
Charity concert at the HefeHof05/05/15 - News

For a better future of the Balinese children

Good thoughts and a world premier at the charity jazz concert in Lalu Traumfabrik (Dream factory)  read more...
Rotary Hameln04/26/15 - News

Meeting with the Rotary Club Hameln

ANAK DOMBA Bali e.V. introduces itself at the Rotary Club Hameln  read more...
Birthday of Mrs Büttner04/24/15 - News

Generous donation by the naturopathy practice Buettner Westerngrund/Aschaffenburg

Naturopathy practice Buettner donates for the children of ANAK DOMBA Bali Orphanage/Children's home  read more...

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