04/19/15 - News

Charity concert for ANAK DOMBA Bali e.V. on 24 April 2015 at 8 pm

"Sistergold" and "German Jazz Air Hameln" for ANAK DOMBA Bali e.V.  read more...
We are going to school now03/27/15 - News

Visit at the orphanage ANAK DOMBA Bali

Visit report of Christina (Berlin)
What an experience - the children of ANAK DOMBA Bali  read more...
11/29/14 - News

Christmas market of the Julius Toeneboen Foundation

Delicious cookies, marzipan balls and hand-made Christmas cards were the top sellers  read more...
10/09/14 - News

... ready to go further

Visit at the meeting of the Women`s Networking Lounge in Hannover in September 2014  read more...
08/25/14 - News

The story continues...

Visit at the Rotary Schoellkrippen Kahlgrund 
07/30/14 - News

The call of education

School start
Finally we are going to start and waiting for the first day at school is over.  read more...
07/28/14 - News

Interview NDR 1 Radio Niedersachsen

ANAK DOMBA Bali e.V. accelerates its activities. In an interview with Wilhelm Purk at the NDR 1 Radio Niedersachsen Angela Bendix talks about the orphanage / children's home project on Bali. What has been done and what is planned for the future. Just give it a listen ... (only in German)  read more...
07/17/14 - News

A touch of Hameln in Bali

Dewezet, Hameln on 16 July 2014
An idea becomes reality: Angela Bendix' association provides home and education for Indonesian children  read more...
07/01/14 - News

Recommended literature - Andrea Hirata: "The rainbow troops"

If you are interested to learn more about life in Indonesia , this book will give you a particular insight.  read more...

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